30 minute workout

30 minute workout-is that long enough to actually do anything?  Yes.

Kayla Istines' Bikini Body Guides do the trick.  You will probably notice girls at your gym doing this workout.  I was skeptical of a program that involved walking or 30 minute workouts would achieve results....it actually did.  I used this for 12 weeks before my wedding.  I didn't lose weight, but I was more toned.  I learned that an "easier" program of only 30 minutes a day works for me because I actually stick to it.  Sure, I could sign up for something harder & more intense ...... but I was consistent about this one.  It is practical if you have a job, kids, etc. and your life doesn't revolve around the gym.  $70 for 12 weeks was worth it for me!  www.kaylaitsines.com or follow her on instagram to see before & after photos.