il san pietro hotel in positano

If you are going to Positano, we loved our hotel called Il San Pietro.  It is not in downtown is a 10 minute car ride, and the hotel provides a shuttle.  Positano can be very crowded and very touristy, so we really enjoyed being away from it.

Look how spectacular it is from the photo below.  Built entirely into a cliff.  See the pool toward the top?  The restaurant is under there.  See the tennis court at the bottom?  You can either take a lot of stairs or an elevator.

This unique hotel opened in 1970 and has remained in the family ever since.  The upstairs restaurant has a Michelin star, the downstairs restaurant is outside on the water.

The Amalfi coast is beautiful, but can be crowded.  Il San Pietro was a beautiful place to take it in while being away from the crowds.





the hotel:

some photos:

photo last day --- so relaxed: