flowers for valentine's day

2 days until Valentine's Day:

A friend of mine mentioned her husband brought her one single red rose last year for Valentine's Day.  Not to sound ungrateful, but she was really hoping for something different!  To her, it felt like it was from 7-11 or for a funeral or from the Bachelor.......some girls love a single red rose!  We all have different styles.  In my book, you can never go wrong with peonies or garden roses!

Valentine's Day is not just for romance!  Feel free to use these ideas for a supportive friend, a friend who needs support, your mom, your sister.....

If you are looking for something different, here are some ideas:

  • potted plant: hydrangea or gardenias or maidenhair fern
  • ranunculus & anemones are in season (see previous blog posts, look for ranunculus at whole foods)
  • simple tulips with no filler
  • farmgirl flowers