garden rose vs. standard rose

I learned about garden roses while planning  my wedding.  My beloved peonies were out of season, so my florist suggested garden roses.  Disappointed, I did some research, and was pleasantly surprised!  The garden rose may be the new peony!  I fell in love with the Juliet/David Austin rose as evidenced by my bridal bouquet above.


Let's talk about how these beauties are different from standard roses.  Not from the grocery store, they are in a completely different league.  Their lush, ruffled petals swirl around four different centers to form a rounded bloom.  The standard rose has pointed shape petals rotated around one pointed center.  Garden roses are softer & puffier looking; standard roses are more pointy. 

Colors: punchy-pink Yves Piagets, creamy vanilla Caramel Antikes, intense deep red Piano.

They are all so lush & lovely.  Are you as in love with garden roses as I am?


Images from Brides.  

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