no bake dessert: strawberry angel food cake

My friend took this silly photo of a dessert I made last night for a dinner party.  The "recipe" is so easy that the gracious host's three year old daughter was a big help.


  • Angel Food Cake (I buy the premade at the grocery store)
  • Cool Whip (large tub)
  • Strawberries-sliced
  1. Using a serrated knife, slice the cake horizontally into three circle sections.  Top, middle, and bottom layers.
  2. Place bottom layer on the serving plate.  Cover with Cool Whip.  Add strawberries.
  3. Place middle layer on top of bottom layer.  Cover with Cool Whip.  Add strawberries.
  4. Place top layer on top of stacked layers.  Cover entire cake with Cool Whip.  Add strawberries.
  5. Garnish the plate with a few strawberries around the side

Voilà!  You have a no bake low calorie dessert.  Store in the fridge, possibly eat leftovers for breakfast.