wedding: custom postage stamps

Custom wedding postage stamps can be a thoughtful compliment to your beautiful wedding invitations.  Especially if using calligraphy, it would feel strange to add a regular stamp from the Post Office.

For 100 stamps from Zazzle, instead of $49, you would pay $122 with shipping.  Yes, this is more than double the price, but when you consider the amount you're spending on the invitations and/or calligraphy, it is a nice touch.

Order your invitations first, as you want the stamp to go with the envelope & the general feel of the wedding.  Modern & monochromatic?  Soft & romantic?  Cheerful & colorful?  The next step is important:  take your invitations to the post office to be both measured & weighed.  Most invitations will need special stamps.  Make note of this so you know what to order from Zazzle.  

I used one stamp on the envelope and a different one on the RSVP envelope.  Finally, I ordered a third set for my thank you notes.  Your wedding invitation is the first thing your guests will receive that sets the tone of the wedding.  Make a good first impression!