baby foot

Feet.  Summer is here, and we want to look presentable in our sandals.  Even with pedicures, mine still sometimes look rough.  I live in a city where I walk a few miles a day, so while I am thankful for them, they could be softer!

Bring in Baby Foot.  A $20 product that actually makes a noticeable difference.  Your feet won't be absolutely perfect, but they will be significantly better than before.  Does it hurt?  Nope!  It's simply plastic booties with a gel inside that you wear for 1.5 hours while binge watching Grace & Frankie.

How to:  Order from Amazon.  Plan the right time.  You need 2 weeks without an elegant event as your feet will be peeling all over.  Not allowed if you're nursing or pregnant.  Follow the directions on the box, but add a few things.  First, you must soak your feet before the treatment.  I have heard of friends trying this treatment without the soak, and it didn't work.  I don't understand why, but just do it.  I soaked for 30 minutes.  Next, leave the treatment on a little longer than the box suggests--another 20-30 minutes.  No lotion.  Your feet will peel, and it will be tempting, but let them peel.  Finally, you must soak your feet every day for the next 2 weeks.  Voilá!  Feet ready for summer sandals.