wallpaper #1: bedroom

Welcome to Wallpaper Week!  All week will be discussing the exciting topic of wallpaper.  How to use it in different spaces, what to do if you're a renter, price, etc.

Day one: Wallpaper in the bedroom.  Everyone knows I believe in a calm & soothing bedroom.  I'm cool with a bright funky kitchen, I would even go wild with a guest room.  But for my sleeping quarters, I lean toward white, soft, & serene.  For this feel, think of wallpaper as a way to add texture.  Stick to subtle colors and patterns.  Some just wallpaper the wall behind the bed rather than the entire room.  Zzzzzzzzz.........



Gorgeous top left photo credit: my dear friend Mead Quin Design.

where to buy:

Pricing is for one roll, approx. 60 sq. feet.