floppy cashmere coat

So, I pulled the trigger and bought a second Lan Jaenicke coat.  Everyone knows how much I wear my first one.  They are an investment.....but (especially when you have a small SF closet) better to buy one luxurious coat that you wear all the time instead of 4 so-so coats.

At our fundraiser, Edgewood, I bought a second.  This one is a different shape.  Less structure, more "floppy."  Perfect for Saturday walking to breakfast, the flower mart, farmers market......it is cozy & I also bring it for a work meeting in a freezing conference room.  I love the soft pastel color.  I roll up the sleeves & throw it on with jeans.

Lan has become a friend of mine throughout the years of working together at Edgewood.  More on her later!  Link to the coat below; tell her you're a friend of mine!