bed pillow options

One thing I learned in design class: try lots of options.  And then try some more.  Try the complete opposite.  Take some things away.  Add some things.  As many variations as you can think of.  Then you will see the answer (and this is a good exercise for your brain!).

This applied to my bed pillow project.  Here was my starting place.  


Nice, but nothing spectacular.  I knew it was missing something, so I embarked on a pillow project.  My mom lives in FL and patiently looked at lots of photos I sent her offering suggestions along the way. 

We tried euros, regular size pillows, king pillows, euros in front, euros in back, patterns, textures, 3 pillows, 2 pillows......


Together we finally came to this.  Three white with grey trim euros in back, two king white pillows in front, interesting colorful textured extra long lumbar in front.


What do you think?  Did we end up with the right combo?  

I love changing things I'm sure within a year I'll tweak something.  Maybe a different pillow in front or maybe a different configuration.  

Here is a list of the pillows and bedding I used:

Parachute Duvet
RH Channel Stitch Cotton Voile Coverlet
Matteo linen Cluny king pillowcases
RH Euro Italian Tipped Stitch Shams Ash
Anthropologie Open Market Pillow Pink
RH linen sheets