damien hirst butterfly

I was first introduced to this concept by FOG Design & Art Fair in San Francisco.  (I unfortunately did not make it this year, but follow on instagram).  This butterfly image caught my eye.  The first is a close up, the second is a full scale kaleidoscopic work from Damien Hirst.

By now you know that I love any sort of 60's kaleidoscope trippy type art.  I love those 60's Fillmore concert posters.  So, I thought this was really beautiful.

I read a bit more about these butterfly works and learned they are made with real butterflies.  Of course, this is a bit controversial.  Killing butterflies is not so nice.  Making magnificent art is wonderful.  2 sides to the story......maybe it is cruel, maybe it helps us appreciate the beauty of butterflies.  I try to put the sad part aside and just appreciate the beauty.

first butterfly

Hirst has created a range of butterfly works.  Look at these bright colors.

He also uses softer white tones - just as stunning.

Hirst moves beyond squares and circles to different shapes.  First, let's look at rectangles.

Next, check out this oval and stained glass window shape.

Hirst also collaborated with Alexander McQueen to create some butterfly scarves.

Who is Damien Hirst?  A provocative, successful, and controversial British artist.  He led the Young British Artists movement in the late 80's and 90's, and his works include dead animal displays.  Hirst is one of the wealthiest artists living today.