new hair cut

I am trying out a new hair person in SF.  He advised going brighter blonde & shorter.  What do you think?  Thanks to Gary at Eclipse Salon!

hair: alexa chung

What do you think of this hair?  If you're willing to go shorter than the lob, I think this is so cute!

how to style lob hair

Now you have the most popular do you style it for lived in texture?  Some tips below, thanks to the sweet man who cuts my hair, Ahn Co Tran, and Refinery 29 for these step by step instructions.

Start with clean, straight, dry hair. If you have fine, thick, curly, or coarse locks, you'll need to blow your hair out before you begin. Add in a dollop of mousse to boost volume if your hair is fine, or your go-to serum or oil for a smoother blowout on curly or coarse tresses.



Grab a 1.5-inch curling iron, like the Hot Tools Big Bumper Curling Iron. (You can also use a wand, like John Frieda's Wavy Curls Iron, which Tran notes is easier for beginners to maneuver.) The goal is to create loose ringlets, without curling the roots or the ends of the hair. To do so, divide your locks into 1-inch sections and curl your hair in alternating directions without clamping down on the ends. (If you're using a wand, simply wrap your hair around the iron and hold the ends with your fingers.)

Continue to curl 1-inch sections all over your head, allowing the strands to cool without disrupting them. Again, be sure that the ends of your hair are not touched by the heat, which will make the look far too polished. (Notice Tran has left the tips of Alaina 's hair out of his iron's clamp.)  Allow all your curls to cool fully before moving onto the next step.


Grab a can of texturizing spray or dry shampoo — Tran prefers Oribe's Dry Texture Spray — and blast the roots of your hair, holding the spray 12 inches away from your head. Go section by section, and slowly layer the spray into your locks, avoiding the ends.  If your hair is processed, dry, or naturally curly, you'll benefit from a texture spray with a touch of nourishing oil instead, like Oribe's Apres Beach Spray. Simply swap it in and follow the steps above.


Next, shake out the curls! Using your hands, go in and gently massage your roots and scrunch the length of hair, to muss the curl patterns and make them look effortless.



Warm a dime-sized amount of styling cream — Tran swears by Leonor Greyl's Eclat Naturel — between your palms like you would a hand cream, then finger comb your hair back into place. (This technique thins out the product perfectly.) Smooth the ends with any leftover product to keep them frizz-free and smooth.  Hair that is naturally curly can also benefit from a heavy misting of anti-humidity hairspray, like Garnier Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Hairspray.

Voilà!  You now have effortless lived in hair.  See video below to learn the steps again.

ponytail + bow

Bows: we used to wear them in elementary school.  If you're over the age of 12, can you still pull them off?  Based on the chic photos above, I'd say probably.

Tips: plain black ribbon, effortless imperfect bow.

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Cabbages & Roses, Pferdgarten Spring 2016, Vanessa Triana Snow (
Oscar de la Renta (, french-vouguettes, Oscar de la Renta (


If you haven't cut your hair into a lob yet, here are some beautiful ponytails to inspire you!