wallpaper #1: bedroom

Welcome to Wallpaper Week!  All week will be discussing the exciting topic of wallpaper.  How to use it in different spaces, what to do if you're a renter, price, etc.

Day one: Wallpaper in the bedroom.  Everyone knows I believe in a calm & soothing bedroom.  I'm cool with a bright funky kitchen, I would even go wild with a guest room.  But for my sleeping quarters, I lean toward white, soft, & serene.  For this feel, think of wallpaper as a way to add texture.  Stick to subtle colors and patterns.  Some just wallpaper the wall behind the bed rather than the entire room.  Zzzzzzzzz.........



Gorgeous top left photo credit: my dear friend Mead Quin Design.

where to buy:

Pricing is for one roll, approx. 60 sq. feet.

bedroom ideas for brooke

My friend asked for some ideas on finishing up her bedroom.  We started with a grey upholstered tufted headboard, white sheets, and a round brass mirror.  She was looking for a rug, lighting, lamp, paint, & accessories.  Here are a few ideas I came up with.  For the teal bedroom, the color would actually be darker/deeper-closer to a navy with a green tint.  Not so bright, but you get the idea.  Which one would you recommend?

bungalow 5 furniture

The photo above is of my bedroom.  Thank you, Mead (Mead Quin Design), for introducing me to Bungalow 5 & for helping me pick out the dresser & nightstand beside my bed.  The Berkeley worked best due to the measurements required, and I think it turned out great!  These 2 pieces are not the same height, so we stacked books under the lamp on the nightstand to feel more symmetrical.

The company makes many beautiful pieces.  Some examples below.  Thank you, Mead!