silly game: telestrations

My hostess with the mostess friend, Sarah, recently introduced me to this hilarious game, Telestrations.  It's one of those games where after one round, you are actually tired from laughing so much.  

Remember that old game from our childhood, Telephone?  The one where you whisper a sentence in the ear of the person next to you, then they whisper what they heard, and in the end the message is all mixed up.  Well now combine that with Pictionary.  You draw a word that you see.  Pass to your left and that person turns the page and writes what they think the picture is.  Pass to their left and the next person draws that word.  And it goes on......  The best part is the "reveal" in the end where you go through the entire sequence.  Get ready to laugh!

The game comes in several categories depending on your tolerance for wilder content.  Families will prefer the other edition.  A great gift or activity to bring out during the holidays.