holiday punch

I make this holiday punch every year at my holiday party.  It is always a hit!  Recipe and links below for a punch bowl.  If you know someone who would love this recipe, the punch bowl could make a cute gift!  Thank you to Ms. Lilien for this fabulous recipe!



1 cup St Germain
3 bottles Brut Champagne; one for ice ring
2 cups Vodka
3/4 cup Lemon Juice; fresh
4 cups Pom Juice, 2 for ice ring
Fresh rosemary springs
Pomegranate Seeds; fresh
Edible Glitter Stars (I have never actually used these, but could be cute!)


6+ hours before the party, make the ice ring.  (I make this the day before).
Fill bundt pan 1/2 full with equal parts champagne & pom juice.  Add a handful of fresh cranberries & hefty pinches of edible glitter.

Day of: add alcohol, lemon, & pom juice to a punch bowl and mix.  Garnish with 2 handfuls of pomegranate seeds & sprigs of fresh rosemary.  Add ice ring and enjoy!