Time to decorate the tree!  Looking for a few new ornaments?  Headed to an ornament exchange?  Not sure what to buy a neighbor or co-worker?  Some tree decorating ideas for you below.  Send us a photo of your tree!  Would love to show a collection of real world stylish trees.

ivory with texture:





tree toppers:

holiday wreath

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving just happened......but it's already time to start ordering things for Xmas!  

How old is your wreath?  Time for a new one?  Ideas below.

How to choose?  What color is your front door?  What style is your home?  I would choose a different style for a Tahoe cabin than I would for a modern loft.  Wreaths can also go other places beyond the front door!

q4 things to do

Welcome to the last quarter of 2016!  Here is your list of things to do in October:

  1. change Clarisonic brush
  2. replace mascara
  3. begin Xmas ideas list

Xmas?  Already?  Yes.  If you start a handy list now, just add ideas as you think of them over the next few weeks.  Pay attention.  That way, when you start your shopping in November or December, you won't be totally starting from scratch.

Happy October & Happy Fall!