spring morning walk

Don't you love Spring?  The longer days, warmer weather, colorful blooming flowers, birds chirping, summer just around the corner.  Puts me in the best mood!

Some photos below of a recent morning walk.  Notice Spring--it is all around!

beautiful things i saw today: SF architecture

The photo above I took on a morning walk.  I am lucky to live in a place with so many alluring things to notice when you look up from your phone.

Although not in the typical horseshoe shape of Moorish architecture, the arch still reminds me of that style.  Arco lobulado is the description I learned while living in Spain, which literally means "lobed arch."  There may be a different English description.

The grey & ivory colors are the same used in my living room.  I don't know when this was built, but it is from another time.  I am so thankful San Francisco enforces strict rules about preserving old buildings.

Notice beautiful things around you!  It helps me stay present & maintain a positive outlook.